Radford United (LE3) Ltd.     Registered in England & Wales  No. 10914042

"To triumph over adversity is our greatest strength"

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Mission Statement

RADFORD UNITED (LE3) LTD is led by David Di Palma (Director); a gentleman with an acquired brain injury disability. Supported by a dedicated team of Support Professionals our mission is to develop communities and to ensure people with disabilities are supported to maximise their potential and to live as independently as possible”  


Our Objectives -



1.To develop, encourage and support the concepts of Independence and Living Within Limitations


To develop, maintain and support  an effective Disability Management Strategy which ensures the Director continues to improve in his role as an elected community representative and Director of Radford United (LE3) Ltd. To support the Director to live and function as independently as possible and to live within his own limitations. “To triumph over adversity is our greatest strength”


2.Working with other organisations and individuals to tackle social isolation and encourage community cohesion, through constructive dialogue, social activities and networking opportunities.


3.To promote; diversity, equality and freedom of expression through publishing and artistic creativity. ±


4.To promote, encourage and support a better understanding of mental health issues and hidden disabilities through publishing. ±


±We promote our values, work  and successes through the creation, development, publishing and distribution of material across all publishing platforms. Our main publishing platforms being periodical newsletters, books, booklets, and via the World Wide Web.




Director - Cllr. David John Di Palma Cert.CIH

Registered Office - 58 Radford Drive, Braunstone Town, Leicestershire, LE3 3DR

Mission Statement